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Layout and Flow

Armed with your space requirements, start sketching out your floor plan using round circles (architects call this a bubble diagram). Track the ideal place in your home for each activity and name each bubble accordingly. You can get specific with room names or go with activities such as 'evening reading’, ‘morning coffee’, ‘socializing’ etc. Currently, there are no barriers in place since the bubbles only indicate the intended usage of each space.

Layout and Flow

Sensible House

The next step is to map out how you can efficiently transition from one area to another. For example, what spaces need to be partitioned off? Consider the private family and the guests or friends’ zones. Do you prefer an open plan concept where spaces are defined by stairs, movable objects, furniture or more permanent fixtures like walls and doors?

It’s your castle, dream big before enlisting the help of an expert to rationalize your ideas.

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