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Creating a Design Brief

Realising your dream home might seem like a daunting task; and being confident that you’d love your design decisions for years to come requires the right strategy and information. Read on for some helpful hints. You’ll be glad you did.

Layout, Flow, and Light are the three most important factors in any happy home. Style, Materials, colour, and focal points amplify these.

Creating a Design Brief

Image credit: Grand Design Mag

When it comes to our homes, we often don't stop to think about how the layout and design of our houses affects our experience of it, but there is no doubt that it can have a transformative effect on our ‘Quality of Life’.

Think of your favourite restaurant or cafe and notice how you feel when you look around or think about being there. It’s probably not just one aspect that draws you in but a combination of well curated elements.

A well-considered layout is key to achieving a well design home.

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