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Find your Plot

The typical journey start with finding the ideal plot in the ideal location.

Find your Plot

  • Identify your ideal location. Use ordinance survey maps and google maps to explore the area, travelling distances and amenities.

  • Look for plots with either outline or full planning permission even if it is not the desired style as the design can be changed with the help of your architect.

  • Websites such as Plotsearch have plots with guaranteed planning permission. Other sites include Plotfinder, PlotBrowser, RightMove, PrimeLocation and Zoopla

  • Research derelict empty properties, disused offices, disused garage blocks, large back garden or renovation opportunities and visit property auction sites for potential plots.

  • Register your interest with estate agents, local surveyors or architects.

  • Know the difference between brownfield, greenfield and greenbelt land and the development potential of the plot prior to purchase.

  • If purchasing a plot without prior planning permission, have an “Option agreement” predicated on a successfully development permit.

Find your Plot

By McClean Design

  • Use a professional to complete due diligence on your site before you buy.

  • Conduct a survey to establish the cost of connecting to basic services such as electricity, water, drainage and internet.

  • Get advice from the professionals, ensure the plot is genuine, the cost is right and within your budget.

  • To avoid future disputes, conduct a boundary survey to establish your property boundary and structures. Compare it to data held on HM Land Registry.

  • You will need a solicitor to produce up-to-date Title deed. This would be required by lenders and banks.

  • After you have purchased the land, you’d need a detailed survey including topographical survey, ground investigation and buildings survey if any structures on the site are to be reused.

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