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Design and Build your Home

Now that you have your team in place, it is time to start designing. This step can last from a few months to years depending on the complexity of your dream home, permit approvals and a range of other factors. Therefore, it is imperative to have a sound strategy and utilize the expertise of your design team.

Design and Build your Home

Image credit: Jim Stephenson

The Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) produce a design and process management tool for the UK construction industry called the RIBA Plan of Work which comprises of eight stages namely;

Stage 0 – Strategic Definition. 

Find means of achieving client requirements confirmed.

Stage 1 – Preparation & Briefing.

Project brief approved by client and confirmed that it can be accommodated on the site.

Stage 2 – Concept design.

 Architectural concept approved by client and aligns to project brief.

Stage 3 – Spatial Coordination.

Spatially coordinated design issued for planning permit.

Stage 4 – Technical design.

All design information required to manufacture and construct the project are completed including building regulations application.

Stage 5 – Manufacturing and Construction.

Building is constructed and commissioned and aligns to technical design.

Stage 6 – Handover. 

Building is handed over to client and building contract concluded.

Stage 7 – Use.

Building is used, operated and maintained efficiently.

Reference: Riba

Design and Build your Home

By Shh Architects

For a residential dwelling as yours, this has been grouped into three stages:

1.  Design

2.  Document

3.  Build

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