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Create your design brief

Although you may have a fair idea of what you want, it helps to have a written vision that covers the basic requirements of your dream home. This is the fun part.

Create your design brief

Designed by DHD

  • Start with a basic list of rooms you need - from the entrance hall to the garage.

  • Base the size of the rooms on the measurements of your current home, adjusting it to suit your current and future requirements

  • Describe a few scenarios of how you and your family live. For instance, do you all gather in the kitchen while dinner is prepared? Would it help if one parent could help the kids with schoolwork whist the other prepares dinner but still enjoy the same space?

  • List things you like such as type of outdoor spaces, interior layouts, exterior finishes, glazing configuration and architectural styles - traditional, contemporary or a mix?

Create your design brief

Image Credit: Bobby Berk

  • Gather few images that best describe your style. Using a site like Pinterest is great as it allows you search and save images you like onto your personal online mood board which you can share with your architect or interior designer. Carefully curate your images and don’t get overwhelmed by continually researching new ideas or trends.

  • Research current construction methods, heating strategy and low-carbon building design to discuss with your design team.

  • Remember, it is an evolving document that you collaborate on with your architect to create something that suits your dreams, the site’s context and your budget.

  • Finally commission a feasibility study to verify whether your requirements can be accommodated on your site or what aspects of your brief need to be honed to make your dream feasible.

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