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Space, Style & Comfort

People consider their dream home a place they plan to spend the rest of their life hence the desire for it to be as perfect as possible. As such, they understand it may not be to everyone taste much least the estate agent. Rather it is a true depiction of their personality, aspirations and potential future needs.

Space, Style & Comfort

By Sarastorydesign

There are a few essential things that one might anticipate in every Dream Home. 

  • It's right for you: For example, think about your current home and what it is lacking to support your lifestyle. The number of bedrooms, entertainment areas, hobbies, storage needs and how the flow between the various rooms affects your daily life. A well considered layout uses every space to its full potential.

  • Style of the house: Do you like a more traditional look with rich colours and separate single purpose rooms, a modern open-plan concept with muted colours or a mix of styles? Even if you are not sure of how to define your style, research common architectural and interior styles to inspire you.

  • Comfort: You home is meant to be your oasis and not stressful therefore is needs to be easy to maintain, keep clean and affordable.

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