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Prime-Resi development
for busy professionals

Do you need a consultant to shoulder the burden of realising your dream home?

Lapunne is a Design & Execution consultancy which provides a personal turnkey service for discerning homeowners & developers needing a single point solution to realising their dream high-end property.

If you are interested in hassle-free approach to realising the full potential of your home, click the link below to schedule a consultation.


Single point responsibility


Architecture,  Interior design 

& Build


Concept to Planning applications through to Construction & Fit-out.


Materials, Fixtures, Finishes & Craftsmanship

Do you...
...need to realise the full potential of your home but don’t have time to deal with various consultants or source reputable builders?
...Consider a major renovation would upset your current balance
...Own or Recently Purchased a house or plot in need of work but don't know where to start?
..Have a clear vision but need someone to efficiently execute it?
..Struggle with where to begin?

Whether contemplating a New build, Renovation or Remodelling, it requires a significant investment and commitment. Therefore, being clear on your requirements & understanding what could be involved is of paramount importance

…and so is getting it right the 1st time.

If you don't have the 'luxury of time' or 'wealth of experience' to realise your prime residential development, Click the link below to schedule a strategy call with us.

& gain clarity..get unstuck



Lapunne is run by Pearl Ume, a chartered Architect with a passion for timeless interiors and sustainable design principles, who has realised some of the most inspiring homes in London and abroad. 

She enjoys taking the reins when it comes to helping her clients realise their dream homes.

She knows the demands of discerning clients and the time pressures of their challenging schedules.

Having witnessed the frustration that prevents time poor professionals commencing on a high-end design project, and the successes of a streamlined approach, she helps you establish a clear design brief and strategy so you can confidently relax while the professionals realise the full potential of your home. Impeccably finished and tailored to you.

Design Director and Architect of High end Prime Residential development design

She works alongside a network of trusted professionals to deliver her clients a home.  One that perfectly reflects & enhances their personality, aspirations & desired lifestyle.

If you are interested in a hassle-free approach to realising your dream home, click the link below to speak to Pearl



Ready to get started? 

Schedule Your 45 minute Strategy Session where will discuss these fundamentals.

The Briefing process

  • The key elements of a good design brief.

  • How to identify your spatial requirements and your personal, architectural and interior style.  

  • Defining your 5Ws 


The Statutory Process

  • A guide through what’s involved from the onset and how to frame your goals to what’s acceptable in your area (assuming planning permission is required), including the different criteria, routes, permit types and timeframes.

  • The various routes to ensure your property complies and exceeds the regulatory standards for sustainability, energy efficiency, structural stability, fire and safety standards etc...


How to Ensure Quality & ROI

  • The makeup of a project team and the information requirements.

  • Setting the right budget, timescales and how to prepare tender /pricing documents.

  • How to navigate the infamous difficulty of choosing the right builders or tradesmen.

  • How to Prioritize.


Identify Your Best Strategy

  • Traditional

  • Design + Execution

  • Turn-key


Monday- Friday 9:00 - 17:00

10 Fitzroy Square
Fitzrovia | London

W1T 5HP | UK


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